EPH Rail

Our experts support you step by step to successfully participate in different railway infrastructure projects. EPH coordinates business between companies in different regions and advises the local railway industries commercially and technically. In addition, EPH has consulted extensively in tender processes for the procurement of special UTVs worldwide. 

EPH is involved in different railway projects, in particular in the MENA region, Russia, China, Korea, Brazil, North America, Western and Central Europe.

Our references include:

  • BF RAIL (Great Britain) 
  • CITIC (China) 
  • COFMOW (India) 
  • CRRC, China Railways (China) 
  • IHS Interhandler (Poland) 
  • IPAQS (Poland) 
  • JR East (Japan) 
  • Korean High Speed (South Korea) 
  • OTC (Germany) 
  • PKP (Poland) 
  • Rhomberg Sersa (Austria and Switzerland) 
  • Seoul Metro (South Korea) 
  • Taiwan High Speed (Taiwan) 
  • Tramotion (Germany) 
  • Windhoff (Germany) 
  • And many more

A good infrastructure is a precondition for further diversification of the country’s industrial economy. Our experts at EPH-International support you step by step to successfully participate in a variety of different railway infrastructure projects.