EPH Rail

EPH-International coordinates business between companies in the different regions and advises the local railway industries commercially and technically. In addition,
EPH-International has consulted extensively in tender processes for the procurement of special UTVs worldwide.

EPH-International is involved in different railway projects in particular in the MENA Region, Russia, China, Korea, Brazil, North America, Western and Middle Europe.
Our references include:

  • JR East, Japan
  • Korean High Speed, Korea
  • Taiwan High Speed, Taiwan
  • Seoul Metro, Korea
  • CRRC, China Railways
  • PKP, Poland
  • CITIC, China
  • Evraz, Russia
  • Transmash, Russia
  • Windhoff, Germany
  • Mapna, Iran
  • Mobina
  • COFMOW, India
  • Rhomberg Sersa, Österreich & Schweiz
  • and many more
A good infrastructure is the precondition for the further diversification of the country’s industrial economy. Our experts at EPH-International support you step by step for a successful participation in a multitude of different railway infrastructure projects.