Case Study EPH Rail

EPH-International supported a renowned manufacturer of railway vehicles for the procurement and supply of wheel sets and bogies. The first step taken by EPH – International was to set up the technical specification within.

  • the operational environment (heavy or light rail, crane or lifting platform operation)
  • vehicle configuration (carbody, underframe, superstructure, attachments)
  • and the bogies (axle loads, riding comfort, derailment)

On the basis of the aforementioned parameters EPH-International supported the manufacturer in the procurement of the bogies and wheelsets. By coordinating the complete process EPH-International ensured the high quality of the supplied product for the vehicle manufacturer. Together with the supplier EPH - International carried out the FDR (Final Design Review), FAI (First Article Inspection), FAT ( Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) for the vehicle manufacturer.

EPH-International actively worked with both customer and supplier on all technical and commercial aspects in order to achieve a product that completely fulfills the most important demands: High quality, high reliability, availability and maintainability and last but not least a long life cycle of more than 30 years.