Case Study EPH M&A

M&A Reference. Railway Technology Volume: EUR 50 Mio.

EPH-International coordinated for one major player in the railway industry an acquisition process of a company specialized in Railway Vehicles and Railway Technology.

The first step being taken by EPH-International had been the selection of a company which fulfills the profile of the potential purchaser. The second step after selection is to carry out a comprehensive and detailed due diligence in order to filter the pros and cons of an acquisition. The third step is the negotiation phase where much of the initial two steps will be repeated.

EPH-International not only coordinated the effort but also arranged for both parties all meetings and presentations especially in order to decrease or diminish the cultural differences between the partners.

EPH-International have been also involved in all commercial and technical discussions in order to filter out the USPs and marketability of import the product portfolio of the company. All in all EPH-International has taken a holistic approach in the M&A processes we had participated in, in order to create a “WIN- WIN” situation for all parties involved. Part of this is also the business integration process which we, at EPH-International, believe is the final piece and most important of an M&A process, because here the different businesses and cultures as well as CI and CD will be aligned within the structure and strategy of the newly created entity.